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CNC Machining

WEC Machining Ltd offers a wide range of CNC machining and sheet metal services on a make-to-print basis. Utilising the latest machine tool technology, WEC Machining can produce individual components in batches of all sizes through to complex mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies.

Recent investment has focused on machine tools offering reduced set-up times coupled with high throughputs providing our customers with value for money solutions. Additional investment in off-line programming and Inspection equipment enables WEC Machining to consistently produce high quality components and assemblies to meet the most exacting expectations.   Download our latest capacity list!

CNC Mill/Turn (up to 4m length, 920mm diameter)

Our investments in the latest Mazak Integrex enable us to machine complex parts in one hit

1 Mazak Integrex 300Y CNC Mill Turn Centre 500mm 900mm  
1 Mazak Integrex 200 IVS 250mm 700mm  

CNC Turning (Up to 3.8m Length)

Our CNC Turning Centres with both driven tooling and sub-spindle options provide Precision CNC Turning & Large CNC Turning Capacity up to 3.8 metres in length.

1 Hankook Fanuc CNC Turning Centre 950mm 3845mm    
1 Mazak 350MY CNC Turning Centre 480mm 1583mm 85mm 12
1 Mazak Quickturn Smart 300M 420mm 1250mm   12
1 Mazak 200MS (sub-spindle) CNC Turning Centre 380mm 750mm 65mm 12
1 Doosan 280M 280mm 658mm 76mm 12
1 Mazak QT 15N CNC Lathe 150mm 250mm 50.8mm  
1 Mazak Nexus 100 CNC Lathe 160mm 252mm 50.8mm YES
1 Mazak QT 200 MSY CNC Lathe 380mm 575mm 63.5mm YES
1 Mazak SQT 15M CNC Lathe 300mm 500mm 50.8mm YES
1 Mazak QT 20H-P CNC Lathe 440mm 429mm    
1 Mazak QT30 CNC Lathe 300mm 1000mm    
1 SQT15M CNC Lathe 300mm 500mm    

Sliding Head Turning

Recent investments in the latest sliding head turning technology enables WEC Machining to produce a high volume of precision turned parts to the highest quality.

QTY Machine DIA Bar Feed
1 Citizen Miyano ABX64 SYY42 Sliding Head Lathe 64mm 3m
1 Citizen M32 7 axis Sliding Head Lathe 32mm 3m
1 Citizen L32 Viii Sliding Head Lathe 32mm 3m

CNC Milling

Continuing investment in the latest technology provides customers with a CNC Vertical Milling capability up to three metres in length together with CNC Horizontal Pallet loaders for cost-effective batch manufacturing

QTY Machine X Y Z
1 Correa Axia floor-type Milling Machines 11500mm 1500mm 2500mm + 450mm
1 Correa Axia floor-type Milling Machine 10000mm 1500mm 2000mm + 450mm
1 Asquith Butler Power Centre 500 8000mm 1500mm 2000
1 MTE BF-3200 Universal Milling Machine 3000mm 1250mm 1500mm
1 Mazak FJV 35/60 II 2240mm 880mm 650mm
1 HAAS VF-9/40 2134mm 1016mm 762mm
1 HAAS VF-6/40SS 1526mm 813mm 762mm
1 Mazak VT C 20 CNC Machining Centre 1660mm 510mm 640mm
1 HAAS VF-4SS 1270mm 508mm 635mm
1 HAAS VF-4 1270mm 508mm 635mm
1 Mazak HCN 5000 CNC Machining Centre Twin Pallet 500mm x 500mm 700mm 700mm 700mm
1 HAAS VF1 508mm 406mm 508mm

Vertical Machining Centres

  • High pressure through spindle coolant
  • High speed spindles for rapid removal of material and high surface finish
  • Renishaw infa red tool setting and part checking probes
  • 4th axis machining capability

QTY Make Model Spindle Tools X Y Z
1 HAAS VF-4SS 12000 24 1270mm 508mm 635mm
1 HAAS VF-6/40SS 12000 24 1526mm 813mm 762mm
1 HAAS VF-9/40 8100 24 2134mm 1016mm 762mm

Precision Grinding

WEC Machining have recently invested to acquire two Jones and Shipman Universal Grinders which now enables us to offer Subcontract Precision Grinding

2 Jones and Shipman Universal Grinder 14" 40"

Conventional Machining

WEC Machining also benefits from a wide range of conventional machines which complements our CNC Machining section nicely.

1 Parkson M1200 Horizontal Milling Machine 40" x 10" Table
1 Parkson M1200 Vertical Milling Machine 40" x 10" Table
1 Archdale Radial Drill 48" Swing
1 Bark Herbert Drills with Tapping Heads  
1 Bridgeport Milling Machine 36" x 7" Table
1 Bridgeport Milling Machine with Slotting Head 36" x 7" Table
1 Surface Grinder 36" x 10" Table



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